The highs and lows

As I get further into my time here in Timor, the good things and bad things are becoming more evident. Here’s a list of 10 good, 10 bad and 10 ‘ugly’ things that I’ve noticed or experienced over the past few months 😁

The Good:

  1. The sunsets 🌅
  2. Never being cold
  3. Group fitness classes right in front of my house 🏃🏼‍♀️
  4. Making new friends is much easier and quicker
  5. It’s easy to eat healthy with fresh fruit and vegetables 🍉🥕
  6. There’s more time to think, about everything
  7. Passionfruit
  8. My newly acquired swim pass 🏊🏼‍♀️
  9. My motorbike 🏍
  10. Cheap flights to neighbouring countries ✈️
Me and my good friend/neighbour, Lynn on our way to the HMNZS Endeavor
A typical sunset here in Dili

The Bad:

  1. My shyness impeding my confidence in the new language skills
  2. Getting caught out in the tropical rain walking home from work
  3. The polluted air
  4. Seeing piles of rubbish on the side of the road, then later in the day watching it burn away
  5. Missing friends and family
  6. There’s more time to think, about everything
  7. Cockroaches and mosquitoes
  8. Getting lonely at night as I live alone, can make you go a little crazy with no one to talk to! Luckily I have awesome neighbours though
  9. The feeling of being unproductive at work, trying to learn it’s just how life goes here
  10. Saying goodbye to people you’re just starting to get to know

The Ugly:

  1. Poverty levels.
  2. Everyone lives off white rice, instant noodles and doughnuts
  3. The daily mosquito bites even when I am covered in repellent
  4. The number of dogs running around the streets, poorly treated and malnourished
  5. When you see (or hear about in my case) a cat feeding its kitten who’s also feeding its kitten
  6. The low wages, on average the Timorese get paid around $150 USD a month… not a day or even a week, but a month!
  7. Corrupt systems
  8. Unemployment rates
  9. Running water is still not available for everyone
  10. Malnourishment for many Timorese, especially the kids
Tiny kitten wandering the streets looking for something to eat


Rubbish building up in the canal


10 days and I’m off on a new adventure, going to visit the dragons!

If there are any blog topics, or questions you have while I’m over here be sure to let me know! Have a good week


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