Longest day of my life 

Friday the 24th of February 2017 has been the longest day ever.

After flying into Wellington late Thursday night I got about 6 hours sleep before getting up at 03:30 for the taxi at 04:10. After eventually being able to check in with questions as to why I do not have a return ticket I proceeded to sit and wait for the flight at 06:10 en route to Sydney.

The flight went well, in flight entertainment made the time go quickly. Just as I was drifting off to sleep I feel someone touching my leg wanting to go to the toilet. Joys of being on the isle seat! Of course after that I could not go back to sleep.

The plane landed around 10:15 NZ time which mean 8:15 local time. Time to sit in the airport for 5 more hours. First on the agenda: Food, I had eaten very little between yesterday’s lunch and now with all the flying and being at the airports at a time with so little open. Why is airport food so expensive? I saw one of the shops had a sandwich for $16AUD!? Another had 4 packs of Tim Tams for $27, back at pak ‘n’ save you could get these for $10!

After food, using some very slow and intermittent internet, (which I know I’m going to have to get used to) and buying a GoPro at duty free (whoops) it was time to board the next flight. Next flight was Sydney to Denpasar, Bali. This flight took off about 13:15 local time which meant I had been awake for 12 hours so far. With no TVs on the back of the seats I thought I might be able to get some sleep, 1 hour in and no luck so far.

Flying over Australia is crazy! In little old New Zealand I don’t often think about how big countries land masses actually are, this flight is 6 and a half hours and only about an hour- an hour and a half will be over water. That’s over 5 hours just to fly from one side of the country to the other! As I was on the window seat I got to see all the changes in topography and geology in the land as it would go from being flat and a dusty red colour to more hilly and a pale brown colour. There were hardly any houses to be seen just empty outback as far as the eye can see.

Just over 5 hours in, still no sleep. Almost there! With around an hour to go I am getting excited but oh so tired. I have never been this far around the world and to think I’m going to go back and change into another time zone tomorrow is kind of crazy to think about. It is currently 20:30 NZ time as I am writing this and I can almost garentee that most of my friends are drunk in the zoo right now. The zoo is always a good night, especially in O-Week but who wouldn’t rather be on a plane to Bali right now?

After what feels like 10 laps just off the shore of Bali whilst we wait for a VIP plane to land I am finally here! Over 19 hours and two sleepless flights later I have arrived at my destination for the night.

Although it has been a long day it has also been quite nice to just sit, relax and not be doing a lot as I’m sure the next few weeks will be pretty full on!


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